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Rowboat Penguin 38

Penguin 38


Penguin 38We have resumed manufacture of the very popular Penguin 38 rowboat. Yes, it's the well renowned classic Lill-Flipper rowing boat!

The Catamaran style hull makes the Penguin 38 a very easily propelled boat. In our own test the boat planed with a mere 5 hp (!) engine with a grown man sitting on the middle bench.

The Penguin 38 is a very safe all weather rowboat, since it is as good as founder proof, even if one would to sit on the gunwale.

Oarlocks are included in the delivery. An optional gear kit with oars, two 7 m mooring ropes, an anchor with rope and a bailer can be had for a special price of 150 €.

Length 3.8 m
Weight ~75 kg
Manufactured in durable GRP (Glassfibre reinforced plastic)

Price rowboat 1 695 €

Price rowboat with optional gear kit 1 845 €

Rescue boat 1 855 € (see picture at bottom)

Light to row
Light to row

Planes easily
Planes easily

Rock solid
Rock solid

Myös retroväreissä
You can have it in retro colour

Penguin 38 Rescue Boat
Penguin 38 Rescue Boat